Xcell West African Division owns a Compound in a West African Country with a team of employees working full time. We employ Swiss, French and West African professionals. Most of our employees are from the West African Country we operate.


This high security modern villa serves as a smelting, and paying operation facility. We have the use and service of Military for all of our operations from the Villa and from the mining operation to the West African Country Central Bank.


This infrastructure, the equipment, and the personnel in place allows Xcell West African Division to process large quantities of Gold and Precious Metals on a monthly basis.


Xcell Security House and Finance West Africa Division is the Precious Metals Subsidiary for Xcell Security House and Finance S.A in West Africa. Xcell West African Division has been operating in a West African country for over 4 years.


The Subsidiary was created in 2013 and has become in one of the leading Precious Metals companies in a West African country. Xcell West African Division works with both Artisanal Miners and with its own concessions for Gold and Precious Metals mining.



We adhere to the rules of Conflict Free Gold Trading


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Xcell West African Division works with Artisanal Miners as a method of collecting Gold. The structure is set up and currently active. The collected Gold by Xcell West African Divisions is currently sent to a French Refinery for refining and onward sale to International Banks and our Clients.


Xcell West African Division’s Artisanal Mining Project sets an exemplary business practice that protects the profitability of the Artisanal Miners, ensures that no Child Labor has been employed in the collection of the Gold and contributes to the growth of the West African Country.


In addition Xcell West African Division’s Artisanal Mining Project benefits the full support from the West African Country's Government in its efforts to ensure all Artisanal Gold is passing through the Central Bank  for tax payments purposes. Currently, significant amounts of Artisanal Gold is not passing by the Central Bank of the West African Country. 




Xcell West African Division and its Partner have been granted a 54 Km2 Gold Mine Concession directly by the West African Government


We currently have a group of workers drilling and excavating the area successfully gathering Gold, Precious Metals and Rare Earth Materials.


Current equipment on the ground in our Mining Concession that is water use gravitational recovery of Gold. This equipment is portable in nature and can be moved to proven sites of Gold in a matter of days.


In addition to Xcell West African Division's quest of environment protection, we ensure that our equipment does not cause any environmental problems.





The Gold industry of West Africa, is far less developed than in other countries with consequently increased potential for important new discovery. This particular site has long been used only by the Artisanal Miners and now awarded to Xcell Security House and Finance West African Division for exploration and production.


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