Xcell Security House and Finance West Africa   (Xcell West Africa) is the Precious Metals Subsidiary for Xcell Security House and Finance S.A in West Africa and Partner of Xcell Group SA. Xcell West Africa  has been operating in-country for over 6 years.


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Xcell Security House and Finance West Africa (Xcell West Africa) is the Precious Metals Subsidiary for Xcell Security House and Finance S.A in West Africa and Partner of Xcell Group SA. Xcell West Africa has been operating in West Africa for over 6 years.

Xcell West Africa works under a Protocol with a Government of a West African Country and the Central Bank, utilizing a unique and innovative due diligence and traceability process that has gained the praises from the Government of West Africa and Refineries. Xcell West Africa adheres to the Conflict Free Gold Trading and ensures that the Gold has been collected properly, and no child labor or chemicals have been involved in the Artisanal Mining process.


Having its offices within the Central Bank of a West African Country, Xcell West Africa benefits from a purchasing and a Refining platform with its modern laboratories. Xcell West Africa laboratories have the ability to refine incoming gold (dust or doré) into serialized and nominalized gold dore bars.  An amount between 50-75 Kilos of gold can be processed daily.

Xcell Gold Standard

The Xcell Gold Standard has quite literally become the “gold standard” in the region and, in partnership with the Central Banks, Government bodies and necessary security providers, is the only operation in the region permitted to export mass quantities of gold from the Artisanal Miners.

Despite being a new and unprecedented system never used before in west Africa (or known in other African countries), the ASM have shown a positive and collaborative attitude to the compliance process and acknowledge its value and importance. To this date, we have only had praise regarding the Xcell Gold Standard.

Xcell in partnership with the United Nations​

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Xcell Gold Standard is the solution for gold traceability  and other precious metal/commodity in West Africa

Xcell’s uniquely designed ASM mining equipment increases capacity and recovery by at least 35-40%, while promoting environmentally friendly methods.


Xcell provides the know-how in the strict Swiss Compliance regulations for its operations in West Africa. 


Xcell currently has a full operational team of professionals performing, applying and enforcing the Xcell Gold Standard on a daily basis.


With this successful system, a Government in a West African Country is already working towards implementing Gold Mining ASM system to conform to the Xcell Gold Standard

Xcell’s work and experience in West Africa will allow Xcell Gold Standard to be used in any other African or Countries around the world that have ASM.



Xcell West Africa and its Partner have been granted a 54 Km2 Gold Mine Concession directly by a West African Government.


We currently have a group of workers drilling and excavating the area successfully gathering Gold, Precious Metals and Rare Earth Materials.


Our uniquely designed ASM equipment is portable in nature and can be moved to proven sites of Gold in a matter of days. Solar Power decreases cost of operation.


In addition to Xcell Group quest of environment protection, we ensure that our equipment does not cause any environmental problems.


Xcell Group’s Partner utilizes innovative, breakthrough NanoSpectra Technologies in hyperspectral aspects to uniquely investigate underground conditions in precious minerals exploration. The technology has been deployed in many global projects with exceptional successes, including sites in North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Xcell Security House and Finance Guinea S.A., at its own concession in Guinea, has successfully identified underground precious minerals (i.e., gold, silver and rare earth elements) using only the NanoSpectra Technology.




The Ministry of Mines and Geology, Government of the Republic of Guinea has entered into a Protocol Agreement with Xcell Security House and Finance Guinea S.A. The Protocol specifies the use of the NanoSpectra Technologies to support the Government’s expanding interests in the exploration of precious and base metals across the country.


This new Initiative is in process, under full and transparent government oversight, on Xcell/Government owned concessions, in order to advance the partnership between Xcell Security House and Finance Guinea S.A and the Government of Guinea to co-develop mining assets throughout the Country.

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