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Xcell Financial Services Medical Domain is the medical department of Xcell Security House and Finance S.A. The medical department is a highly specialized addition to our company’s quest for meeting the individual needs of our clients from outside of Switzerland.


Situated in Lausanne, Xcell Financial Services Medical Domain is two minutes away from our partner, The University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV). 


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We are a health care facilitator bringing our clients together with a medical service provider, usually a hospital, clinic, or rehabilitation center.  Our providers offer high quality healthcare services over a wide range of medical specialties.


Our objective is to provide our clients with an entirely pleasant and comfortable medical journey.  By getting to know our clients, we are able to make unique, individual recommendations through use of our customized provider list and facilitate an exclusive experience.


We assist our clients in planning their medical travel by arranging the client’s flight, hotel accommodation, and medical appointments.  We offer complete information about our partners on medical facilities, service providers, medical professionals, travel arrangements, hotels and resorts, medical/travel insurance, and any additional client service.


LOCATION  (Lausanne, Switzerland)






Situated at the heart of the Lausanne-Morges agglomeration, the capital of the canton of Vaud is in the throes of development, with business, urban planning, public transport and mobility all sectors undergoing transformation. The fourth-largest city in Switzerland, Lausanne is set apart by its vocation as an Olympic city, a sustainable city and a place of training and culture.


A very popular tourist destination, the city is also home to many international companies, particularly the headquarters of multinationals. Quality of life and economic attractiveness combine to multiple effect of living and working in Lausanne.

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