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Swiss BeauX is a department of Xcell Security House and Finance S.A. This branch was founded once Xcell’s Precious Stones Department was thriving, due to the mining operations in a West African Country.  Swiss BeauX prides in bringing our own Precious Stones from our Concessions and all over the world.  Acquiring and Purchasing  high quality Diamonds and Precious Stones. Swiss BeauX also creates tailor made Jewelry, Diamonds or Family Jewelry in the form of medaillons. We can engrave a family member or family picture.


Our clients can also obtain Financing for the purchase of such Jewelry and for the storage of our Client’s assets in a Swiss Security House (Xcell). This makes Swiss BeauX unique in its line of business allowing the Client to choose any of our services you or your Family may require.


Viti Swiss BeauX web site:




All of our Jewelry and Precious Metals have been obtained legally. All the Gem Stones  that Swiss BeauX trades with are carried under the Kimberley Process (KP). 






We ensure and Guarantee that all of our Clients that any Precious Metals that they purchase from Swiss BeauX are Conflict Free Precious Metals. 




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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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